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Year 4 teach us all about Hinduism

Today it was the turn of our Year 4 pupils to share their understanding of a major world religion with their parents and the younger children.

Hinduism was the focus of this afternoon’s assembly and the pupils gave us a fact-filled lesson in the hall, delivering their lines with confidence and enthusiasm throughout.

Having spent the last unit of RE work learning all about Hinduism, and also being treated to a fabulous and informative Q&A with one of parents, the Year 4 pupils did a wonderful job sharing their depth of understanding with us all.

We learned about the origins of Hinduism over 4000 years ago in the region around the Indus River, and how all rivers hold a special significance to Hindus, with some considered sacred within the faith. We were introduced to the significance of different gods; Hindu temples called Mandirs; the prayer traditions of Puja, and so much more…

We were even treated to the story of Rama and Sita, narrated and acted by some of our budding young actors.

Overall it was a comprehensive education for us all. We are all very proud of their efforts today!