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Stephen Hawking Assembly

In today’s assembly I launched a bit of a science focus over the coming weeks by introducing the children to the life of the incredible Stephen Hawking.

I really was impressed with the knowledge many of the children already had about him. We learnt that he spent his time as a child lying in the back garden with his mum looking up at the stars; that his family were somewhat eccentric and kept a beehive in their basement, and read books at the dinner table while they ate!

But most surprisingly was that he was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21 and told he would only live for a few more years, but managed to live a wonderful life in the face of adversity to the ripe old age of 76!

We finished with a quiz, and it was great to see the enthusiasm from all of the children (especially our very knowledgable Reception cohort who were with us today) who were keen and accurate in their recount of some of the key events.

I have added a link to a factfile for any parents who want to find out more about him and share with the children. Please ask them what they can remember around the dinner table this evening.

(Just to confirm – I am not advocating reading in silence!) 😉