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Rotary Club Youth Competitions

The Rotary Club of Towcester has launched the 2022-23 Youth Competitions!

Young Film Maker- On the theme of ‘My Town,’ create a movie of up to 5 minutes to showcase interesting aspects of your your town or village. It can be about the past or something new that you want to film.

Young Artist- Along the theme of sunset or sunrise, create an unframed piece of artwork in any medium up to A2 in size.

Young Writer- Using the theme of ‘Peace,’ create a narrative of up to 550 words (or a poem of up to 40 lines). It can be fiction or non-fiction, handwritten or typed.

Young photographer- Using the theme of ‘The beauty of Architecture,’ take a photograph of a building, structure or a man-made element outside. Your photo an be portrait or landscape, close up or long shot of something that interests you.

Entries should be submitted electronically except for the artwork which I will be collecting in. The deadlines have yet to be confirmed (December 2022 to early January 2023). As soon as I have these from the Rotary club, I will post it on Class Dojo as well as the email addresses too.
Movies and photographs can be created on any device including mobile phones and all entries to each competition must be original!

Have fun and good luck!