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World Book Day with Christopher Edge

Today we celebrated WBD with a visit from awesome author Christopher Edge.

Christopher met Year 1 and Reception children in assembly and then shared his writing inspirations in another assembly for years 2-6. Did you know that a banana is radioactive?
Years 5 and 6 participated in some activities and discussions based upon his previous best seller ‘Escape Room.’ The children were also able to ask him questions about his books and being a writer. He explained, ‘Neil Gaiman-my favourite author, visited my school and he was so normal. So I thought that I could be a writer too!’ We hope that Christopher has inspired our pupils to become authors one day too.

A massive thanks go to our PTA, FONHS for funding our author visit today. Their hard work and fundraising, enable us to offer these amazing opportunities to our children; we are extremely grateful. Now, who shall we book in next?!