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The Importance of Being Patient!

This morning, my welcome back assembly was all about patience – something I believe that we all have challenges with at times – adults and children!

The children were great, sharing their understanding of this important character trait and how it could be presented in different scenarios both in and outside of school.

The digital age has brought so much instant gratification opportunities for adults and children alike, so the children were shocked to hear how I used to have to wait for over 10 minutes as my Spectrum computer loaded games via cassette tape back in the early 80s, and if it glitched, I would have to rewind and start again!

I explained that legends of sport such as Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt have had to dedicate time and effort in practise and determination to reach the heights of their own achievements, and that never give up, and patience in the process was what pushed them to achieve so much.

We also touched on the importance of learning to manage ‘being bored’, something that is crucial in ensuring that poor behaviour in these moments doesn’t arise.

Overall, it was a great opportunity in reminding the children that hard work and effort is where we get our greatest feeling of achievement.

I will be looking for good examples of patience from the children over the next few weeks!