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The Gift of Hope

Today’s assembly was all about the gift of hope. The children were told the story of Pandora’s Box thanks to some of our Year 5 pupils who narrated the story. This is a classic from ancient Greek mythology that tells of how one of the first humans became too curious and released lots of evils into the world, however these were also followed by hope.

We talked about how despite all the negative situations that we may find ourselves in, there is always an opportunity for a positive view, whether that be from learning from mistakes to overcoming challenges and difficulties to give a sense of pride and determination as a result.

Building resilience in our children is an incredibly important challenge in this modern world and it is a regular message that we teach within school, and one that I see so many of our children are taking on board, which gives me hope!

We always have hopes for the future, and all of us at NHPS hope you all have an enjoyable half term break with your families. We will see you all on Monday 3rd June.

Happy half term everyone!