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Manners Matter

Today’s assembly focused on manners and how important they are in establishing a positive environment around us. We linked this to one of our three school rules: ‘Be Respectful’, and how by showing these examples of respect with one another and the adults around us, this helped with general kindness.

I introduced the term ‘etiquette’ to the children and we looked a little at British history, particularly how we have a long tradition of customs that date back to Victorian times, with some even further, and that Britain has a historical reputation around the world of good manners!

We discussed how at Nicholas Hawksmoor, we also have a long tradition of good manners, and are regularly commended when out and about on trips or at events for our unfailingly polite attitudes.

I left the children with a challenge to demonstrate positive manners during the week ahead and I hope that parents at home will witness a little of this, from demonstrating good listening skills, to etiquette at the dinner table to general tidiness around the home. ‘Please’ let me know if you witness this!