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Celebrating Diversity

Today would have been MP Jo Cox’s birthday. Jo was tragically killed for her belief in integration and campaigning for the celebration of diversity within her community. Therefore I felt it was fitting to talk to the children about the importance of diversity in our own communities on this day.

We discussed that everyone was unique, and how it was important to recognise and celebrate these differences amongst us as this is what makes life and the world around us so interesting. Thanks to diversity, we are able to learn lots about the world by looking, reading, listening and understanding other systems, ideas, beliefs, and ways of thinking.

The children were brilliant in sharing some of the things that make us different, from the way we look and behave, to languages, faiths, sports teams, foods we eat and so much more!

All in all it was great to hear from our own school that despite all of these wonderful differences that we have, as a community (as Jo said): ‘We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.’