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Understanding Sikhism

Today we had a visit from the wonderful Harkirat Singh, a Sikh teacher who has worked with us in the past and returned today to host an assembly and spend some valuable time with our Year 6 pupils.

Whilst educating the children on a ‘trip to a Gurdwara,’ he shared some of the principles of Sikhism: to be honest and respectful, to share and be kind. All values that mirror what we expect from our children both in and out of school.

All the children from Year 1 to Year 6 got involved, with some even joining in with Mr Singh’s song during the assembly.

Year 6, who have been studying Sikhism in RE lessons, were then able to have a Q & A session with Mr Singh in which they were able to learn lots of interesting facts, including about the Sikh’s valuable and crucial participation in the two World Wars. They were also able to handle a number of Sikh artifacts and ask questions too.

Did you know that Sikhs can choose the colour of their turbans? Sikhs also study martial arts and absolutely love sharing food! What can your children remember from their experience today?