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Happy Holi Everyone!

Today’s assembly focused on the wonderfully colourful Hindu festival of Holi which just so happens this year is taking place now, within ‘Holy Week’ in the Christian calendar.

We looked at the similarities between Holi and Harvest festivals, as they both celebrate the yield of crops from the fields. Holi is a 2 day celebration, and last night was ‘Choti Holi’ or ‘Small Holi’ – all across India bonfires would have been lit to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Today however will have been a riot of colour throughout the land as Hindus would be celebrating Holi in fine style, throwing colour everywhere and on everyone!

The children were introduced to the origins of key parts of the festival – the story of Holika & Prahlad that is commemorated through the night of the bonfires, and Krishna & Radha, which is though to be why the festival of colour takes place on the second day.

We looked at a few examples of Holi celebrations around the world and it certainly looked to be a whole lot of colourful fun! You might not see it on the streets of Towcester today, but there will be Hindu communities all across the country and world, celebrating this festival of love and life.

Ask your children about what they can remember from today’s assembly…

Happy Holi Everyone!