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International Democracy Day

This afternoon’s assembly celebrated International Democracy Day today!

We discussed how democracy has been around for over 2000 years thanks to the Ancient Greeks, and the importance of one person – one vote for a fair society.

We shared how it hasn’t always been as fair in the UK and learned a little about the Suffragettes: Emmeline Pankhurst and our own Marie Weller fought for their rights over 100 years ago.

We also touched on how important it is to listen to other opinions that we may not agree with, to understand how other people may feel about things – this is such a big part of learning.

Of course, all this links to our school council elections that will be coming soon for our KS2 pupils. By the number of hands going up in assembly, I would expect lots of our future wanabee councillors busy writing their speeches this weekend, before they canvas their constituents in the coming days and weeks!

It all ended with a bit of Bob Marley, reminding the children how important it is to stand up for rights!